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Tula Pink Fabric & Quilt Kits

Tula Pink fabric is known for its unique designs that combine bright colors with modern prints. Whether you're searching for Tula Pink quilt kits or just looking for fun Tula Pink fabric, we have you covered. We carry Tula Pink fat quarters and other precuts – or you can buy the fabric by the yard. Need inspiration? Check out our Tula Pink quilt patterns. Your next masterpiece awaits, and trust us, it's going to be spectacular.

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What Makes Tula Pink Fabric Stand Out

Tula Pink fabric showcases prints that range from the elegantly detailed to the delightfully whimsical. Whether you're planning a project that leans toward the traditional or something a bit more out-of-the-box, Tula Pink does not disappoint. Here are a few reasons why quilters can't get enough of her fabulous fabrics:

  • Versatility in Design: From the intricate florals that mimic nature's beauty to whimsical wildlife that brings stories to life, there's a print for every personality and project. Tula Pink fabric is Ideal for quilting, allowing you to express your unique creativity and style.
  • Color Galore: Tula's palette is a treasure trove of color, with hues ranging from deep, mysterious purples to vibrant, energetic oranges. Tula Pink fabric is a testament to the power of color in storytelling, setting the mood and adding character to your quilts.
  • Quality You Can Feel: Because it's crafted from premium materials, Tula Pink fabric not only looks good but feels incredible, too. This quality ensures that quilts stand out visually and are durable and comfortable, making them treasures to be cherished for years.

For tools and accessories that perfectly match Tula Pink's vibrant world, be sure to visit Tula Pink notions. It's where you'll find everything needed to bring your quilting projects to life.

Tula Pink Fat Quarters & More

Along with yardage, Fat Quarter Shop carries Tula Pink fat quarters and other various precuts. So whether you're starting from scratch and want a large swath of fabric or you want to eliminate some of the tedious fabric cutting, you'll find Tula Pink fabric in configurations to suit your needs. 

  • Tula Pink Fat Quarters: These bundles of 18" x 21" fabric provide a taste of multiple designs and colors within a collection​​. Fat quarters are quarter-yard cuts of fabric cut wide (hence the name "fat"), offering a more versatile piece of fabric than a standard quarter-yard cut.
  • Half-Yard Bundles: For those needing a bit more fabric for their projects, half-yard bundles (18" x 44") are available​​. These are ideal for larger projects or when you want more of a particular design.
  • Square Bundles: Layer cakes (10" squares), and charm packs (5" squares) are handy for a variety of smaller projects or for adding diversity to a quilt.
  • Fabric Strips: Design Rolls (2.5" strips) are perfect for strip quilting or smaller projects like bags, Christmas stockings, table runners or home décor. 

For those projects that require specific cuts or larger quantities of fabric, Tula Pink fabric is available by the yard. This option gives you the most flexibility in terms of project scale and fabric utilization.

Make it Easy With Tula Pink Quilt Patterns & Kits

Embark on your next quilting adventure with ease and inspiration by exploring the vibrant world of Tula Pink quilt patterns and kits. Patterns provide a step-by-step guide to a beautiful creation using Tula Pink fabric. If you're a beginner or a seasoned stitcher who wants to make a quilt quicker, Tula Pink quilt kits are a great option. Quilt kits typically include a pattern, quilt top fabric and binding. Start your project with confidence, and let Tula Pink guide you to beautiful results. 

Tula Pink FabricsTula Pink Fabrics

Frequently Asked Questions: Tula Pink Fabric

Below, we've answered some common questions about Tula Pink fabric. Please let us know if you need additional information to get your next project going!

Can I Use Tula Pink Fabric for Any Type of Quilting Project?

Yes, Tula Pink fabric is incredibly versatile and can be used for a wide range of quilting projects. From intricately pieced quilts that showcase the detailed designs of the fabric to simple, modern prints that allow bold colors to stand out, Tula Pink's fabrics offer creative freedom. Additionally, these fabrics are suitable for various sewing projects beyond quilting, including apparel, home décor and accessories, allowing you to infuse a touch of Tula's whimsical world into every creation.

Where Can I Find Inspiration for Projects Using Tula Pink Fabric?

Inspiration for using Tula Pink fabric can be found in several places. Tula Pink quilt kits do the planning for you – and you can always tweak them to suit your personal taste. Social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are rich resources, full of images of completed projects by other quilters. The hashtag #TulaPink showcases various creations, from quilts to clothing to accessories, offering ideas and inspiration. 

How Do I Care for Tula Pink Fabric?

Caring for Tula Pink fabric properly ensures your projects retain their beauty and longevity. Before starting your project, consider pre-washing your fabric in cold water with a mild detergent; this reduces the risk of shrinkage. For ongoing care, wash finished projects in cold water on a gentle cycle and either tumble dry on a low setting or air dry. Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals, which can fade the vibrant colors. Ironing on a low to medium setting can help remove wrinkles without damaging the fabric. Proper care will keep your Tula Pink creations looking their best for years to come.

Get Inspired With Tula Pink Fabric From Fat Quarter Shop

Whether through the vibrant hues of Tula Pink fabric, carefully curated Tula Pink quilt kits or inspirational Tula Pink quilt patterns, there's an endless array of possibilities waiting for you at Fat Quarter Shop. Each product is designed to spark creativity, ease the quilting process and bring joy to every stitch you make. Explore our collection of Tula Pink fabrics today to find your next project and immerse yourself in the joy of quilting!

Learn To English Paper Piece with Tula Pink!

In this video Tula Pink explains three methods for cutting fabric for English Paper Piecing which she refers to as “The Great Quilting Equalizer.” The cutting methods include optical, kaleidoscope and half method fussy cutting. Tula also gives you tips for how to accomplish making a quilt by making the most of your time and cutting your fabric safely.