About Us

About It's Sew Emma®

It's Sew Emma® began as a dream for Kimberly Jolly. As the owner of a successful online business, she has seen and used hundreds of quilt patterns over the years. Some are great, and some could be better. She began creating many exclusive designs and block of the month programs for her store which generated wonderful feedback from quilters. This started the momentum for launching her pattern company. In 2011, she gathered a team of creative friends, and It's Sew Emma became a reality.

Kimberly JollyWho is Emma?

So who is the little redhead in our logo? For us, quilting is about creating things to be cherished by friends and family. This is especially true for Kimberly, mother of four children. Emma is her eldest and a natural choice as a huge inspiration for our work. Emma is a sweet, spunky adorable girl with a wild imagination, lots to say, and a bundle of little brothers to care for (a.k.a. boss around). She is growing up surrounded by quilts made with love, and she likes to "sew" side by side with Mom in their sewing room. Her current favorite things are preschool, Fancy Nancy and pink sparkly shoes.

The It's Sew Emma Team

We all wear many hats, but here is the gist of it!

Kimberly JollyKimberly Jolly

Kimberly is the fearless leader of It's Sew Emma®. With a million ideas in her head, she designs, writes, creates samples, proofs patterns, and tucks the babies in for the night - all in the time it takes some people to blink. Did you just blink?

Jocelyn UengJocelyn Ueng

Jocelyn is a key ingredient in the It's Sew Emma creative sauce. On top of designing for It's Sew Emma®, she takes care of the website and other elements that need a special touch. In fact, you just might be reading her work right now...

Sarah PriceSarah Price

Sarah is our book wizard; she writes all of our books from cover to cover.  They are beautiful and easy to read and follow because of her clear layouts, instructions and diagrams. Thanks to her, they've got the looks and the brains.

Nova BirchfieldNova Birchfield

Nova is is our technical pattern writer, making sure all the T's are crossed and I's dotted, that our cut lines are solid and our sew lines dashed, and most importantly, that everything works just as it should.  On top of pattern writing, she also coordinates all of our samplemaking, so everything we do is tested and accurate.

Krystal StahlKrystal Stahl

Krystal is the newest addition to the It’s Sew Emma team and has dived into the quilting world with both feet.  Combining her graphic design background and eye for aesthetics, she enjoys designing and making quilts with a modern slant.