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Fabric Panels for Quilting

Our fabric panels are perfect if you need to make a quilt in a hurry. These fabric quilting panels are also helpful for beginners to learn how to quilt without piecing together a block. You've been searching for a good fabric panel for quilting for a while now, and you've finally found the right place. Simply add borders to your quilt panel and you’re ready to quilt!

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Fun, Fabulous Fabric Panels for Quilting

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced quilter who needs a quick project, fabric panels for quilting are a wonderful solution. Fabric panels can be used as a centerpiece in just about any quilting project.

Start with a fabric panel and build your quilt around it using complementary colors and patterns for the borders and sashing. Fabric panels give you a headstart but also enable you to be creative and fashion something unique with add-ons and fancy quilting.

Fat Quarter Shop can help you get started with fabric panels innovated by popular designers and incorporated into quality fabrics by respected manufacturers. Start browsing and get those creative juices flowing!

Perfect Projects for Quilting Panels

Quilting panels are ideally suited for plenty of craft and quilt projects. We've seen fabric panels that were used to make items like these:

  • Bed Quilt
  • Seasonal Wall Hanging
  • Table Runner
  • Throw
  • Placemat
  • Children's Soft Book
  • Apron
  • Pillow
  • Stuffed Animal

Have an idea for a quilt panel that you don't see here? Go for it! And be sure to check back if you need other fabrics and quilting tools, supplies & notions to finish the job.

Quilt made using a quilt panelQuilt made using a quilt panel

Quilt Panel Finishing Video Tutorial

This is an easy & elegant quilt panel finishing you can repeat on any quilt panel! Quilt panels usually measure 23" x 42", but it's easy to adapt this finishing for any size panel.

Kimberly shows everything from cutting and trimming the panel and strips to evening out her borders. And she loved this panel project so much, she made two!

Fat Quarter Shop Has All of the Fabric Panels for Quilting That You Need

For your next quilting project, why not begin with a fabric panel? Fat Quarter Shop has hundreds of different quilt panels for sale in a wide array of designs. From classic homespun fabrics to whimsical modern themes, we can help boost your creativity so you can create something amazing. And be sure to pick up all the quilting supplies you need to finish your project. Shop for your fabric panels today!

Frequently Asked Questions About Fabric Panels for Quilting

We often get questions from our customers about their quilting projects. We're always happy to help! Here are answers to commonly asked questions about panel fabric. If your question isn't answered here, please contact us. When we put our heads together, we're sure to find a solution!

What Is a Fabric Panel?

A fabric panel is a large piece of material that serves as the centerpiece for a quilt or other sewing project. The quilt panel's fabric may feature a single image or a series of pictures that can be cut apart and used in smaller projects.

What Size Is a Fabric Panel?

Quilters' fabric panels come in various sizes, depending on the design and layout of the panel. Here are some examples of the panel sizes you'll find at Fat Quarter Shop. Keep in mind, if you like the theme of a fabric panel but want to use it on a larger project, you can always buy multiples:

  • Small: 18" x 21"
  • Medium: 23” x 42”
  • Large: 35" x 42"
  • Extra Large: 43" x 63"

What Are the Benefits of Using Fabric Panels?

Beginners love quilt panels because it means fewer quilt blocks to cut and sew. It's also an excellent way to learn quilting basics. A beginner may start with one of our quilting kits and incorporate fabric panels to simplify the project. More advanced quilters rely on fabric panels when they need to finish a task quickly. They'll add their own spin on the quilt to give it a customized look.

How Do I Quilt a Fabric Panel?

A fabric panel can be quilted the same as you would for any project. Many quilters enjoy experimenting with a quilt they've made using a fabric panel because they don't have a lot of time invested in their project – so if the quilting doesn't come out exactly as they'd envisioned it, they haven't ruined a masterpiece.