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Flannel Quilting Fabric

Flannel fabric for quilting is perfect for keeping you warm on those chilly evenings in fall and winter. It’s the reason we pull out the flannel pajamas, sheets, and flannel quilts when the temperature drops. Our flannel fat quarter bundles are also soft and cozy, making them great for a lap quilt or a baby quilt. We carry quilt flannel fabric by the yard from trusted manufacturers like Robert Kaufman and Art Gallery Fabrics. Don't forget to shop our fat quarter bundles as we carry the largest selection of flannel fat quarter bundles and materials. Order flannel fabric for quilting online today!

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Flannel Fabric Puts the Cozy in Your Quilt

Snuggling up with hot cocoa under a flannel quilt on a cold winter night is one of life's simple pleasures. Flannel fabric for quilting has a snuggly vibe unlike any other. Today's flannel materials come in various designs, colors and thicknesses, so you can create a quilt that's just as beautiful to look at as it is soft and inviting to snuggle beneath!

Once you've chosen from all the quilting patterns available, it's time to start planning your next masterpiece. If you're using a flannel fabric for the first time, make sure you plan properly so there are no surprises during your quilting project.

Quilting With Flannel

Due to the nature of the material, flannel fabric for quilting can be a bit challenging unless you take certain precautions before you begin.

Allow for Flannel Fabric Shrinking & Fraying

Although we don’t typically recommend washing fabric before using, it can be helpful when using flannel. Put the material in a lingerie bag (to reduce fraying) and machine-wash in hot water on the gentle cycle. Then throw the flannel fabric in the dryer at high heat, but remove it while it's still slightly damp and lay it out on a flat surface, pressing it down with your hands to minimize wrinkles. If you iron, make it a quick press so you don't overheat and stretch the material.

If you purchase flannel fabric by the yard, allow about 20% extra for shrinkage (about a quarter of a yard). Flannel also frays, so it's wise to be generous with your seam allowances.

Tips for Sewing Flannel Fabric

The charming qualities of flannel quilt fabric are also the ones that present challenges for sewing. Its thicker, softer properties make cutting flannel tricky. Make sure to use very sharp scissors or a 2-inch diameter rotary cutter blade. Splurge on a new machine needle that's 80/12 or 90/14 for ease of stitching. Finally, when you're quilting with flannel, use a walking foot on your machine and keep the stitch lengths a little longer than you'd use for lightweight quilting cotton because flannel stretches.

Fat Quarter Shop Is Your Home for Quality Flannel Fabric for Quilting

Whether you're adding a flannel quilt backing or creating new flannel quilts, you'll find plenty of material to spark your imagination at Fat Quarter Shop. We have quality flannel fabrics from dozens of designers in solid colors, traditional plaids, floral prints and whimsical themes. For all your quilting needs, rely on Fat Quarter Shop. Start planning your next project with us today. Shop now!

Frequently Asked Questions About Flannel Fabric for Quilting

Here are some of the questions we've addressed about flannel fabric. If you don't see the answer to your question here, please contact us. We're always happy to help our fellow quilters.

What Is Flannel Fabric Made Of?

Wool, cotton or synthetic fibers go into making this softly-woven fabric. Flannel manufacturers use a metal brush that raises portions of the cloth's fibers to enhance the fabric's nap and give the flannel its fluff.

Is All Flannel the Same?

The quality of your flannel will definitely affect the ease of your quilting. High-quality flannel fabrics – like those found here at Fat Quarter Shop – are often double-sided. By spending a little more, you'll get flannel quilt fabric that washes well, frays less and lasts longer.

Lower quality flannel generally has a low thread count and is more prone to pilling. And if you have to rip out any of your work, a low-quality flannel is more likely to leave you with holes in the fabric. That's why it's always best to choose a reliable manufacturer for your flannel.

What Kind of Fabric Is Good for Flannel Quilt Backing?

Flannel fabric provides a great backing for any quilt, but it's ideal for flannel quilts. Using flannel fabric front and back provides a consistently soft texture for your quilt.

Do You Sell Flannel Fabric Jelly Rolls?

We are pleased to offer flannel in jelly rolls, fat quarters, charm packs and quilt kits along with flannel fabric by the yard.