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Children & Baby Quilt Fabric

One of the greatest joys for stitchers is making a quilt for their little one. The tricky part is choosing children's or baby quilt fabric – because Fat Quarter Shop has so many adorable prints to choose from! You'll find baby fabric in all kinds of themes, so whether you're looking for baby boy fabric or baby girl fabric, you'll find the perfect material to complete your project.

If you need inspiration, we have plenty of baby quilt patterns, too. Check out our selection of baby fabric and get ready to create a quilt or baby blanket your little one will cherish for years to come!

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Discover the Charm of Baby Fabric

We've assembled a wide array of baby fabric to help you create cozy, soft and durable quilts for the little ones in your life. Our selection features everything from playful prints to gentle pastels, perfectly suited for any nursery theme. Choose fabrics by the yard or speed things up and save yourself a lot of hassle by starting with fat quarters or other precut material. Here are the types of baby quilt fabric you can choose from:

  • Fat Quarter Bundles/Fat Eighth Bundles: A quilter's delight, fat quarter bundles consist of quarter-yard cuts of baby quilt fabric measuring 18" x 21", while fat eighth bundles are 9" x 21". Each bundle shares a common theme (or complementary colors), making it ideal for patchwork quilts and other projects where you want a little of this fabric and a little of that.
  • Half-Yard Bundles/One-Yard Bundles: Ideal for quilters seeking more baby fabric for larger projects, half-yard bundles offer 18" x 44" cuts, and 1-yard bundles provide a full 36" x 44" piece of fabric.
  • Jelly Rolls/Dessert Rolls: Jelly rolls are collections of 2.5" wide strips of baby blanket material, rolled up and ready for quilting, making them perfect for strip quilting or binding. Dessert rolls contain strips that are 5" wide.
  • Layer Cakes/Charm Packs/Mini Charm Packs: These precut squares of coordinating prints are easy to use. Layer cakes are 10" squares, charm packs are 5" squares, and mini charm packs are 2.5" squares.
  • Panels: Baby fabric panels are unique, large prints or illustrations on fabric often used as the quilt's centerpiece or in wall hangings and themed projects. Quilt panels provide a focal point around which to design your project.
  • Yardage: Sold by the yard, this option allows quilters to select precise lengths of fabric off the bolt for specific projects. It's ideal for large single-patterned areas or when the continuity of the fabric's design is essential.

Soft & Cozy Baby Blanket Fabric

When deciding what kind of baby blanket fabric to use, you may wish to consider flannel. It's gentle enough for a baby's sensitive skin while providing a cozy embrace, making it perfect for cooler months and offering a snug layer in any climate. 

Cuddle and minky fabrics are also very popular fabrics for baby blankets.  They are exceptionally soft and gentle, providing a cozy and comforting feel perfect for baby quilt blankets. Their plush texture offers a soothing sensation and promote comfort for little ones during naptime or cuddle sessions.

Additionally, these fabrics are durable and easy to care for, making them ideal choices for creating long-lasting and practical blankets that can withstand frequent use and washing.

Baby Quilt FabricBaby Quilt Fabric

FAQs on Choosing Baby Quilt Fabric

Selecting the ideal baby quilt fabric can raise many questions, especially for new crafters. Here's a guide to some of the most common queries:

What Is the Best Fabric for a Baby Blanket?

Soft, breathable fabrics such as cotton are ideal for baby blankets, offering a perfect blend of comfort, durability and ease of care. Cotton's natural fibers provide a smooth touch that's gentle on a baby's skin, while its breathability helps maintain a comfortable temperature and prevent overheating.

Is it Better to Handwash Baby Blankets, or Is Machine Washing Safe?

The material used for baby blankets is designed with parents' convenience in mind, meaning it's durable enough for machine washing. Wash the baby blanket on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent to keep it clean and soft. However, always check the fabric care label prior to washing since some materials may require special care to maintain their texture and color.

How Do I Choose a Theme or Print for a Baby Quilt?

Selecting the theme or print for your baby blanket fabric can be a delightful process, allowing you to personalize the blanket to the baby's nursery, the parents' interests or the sentiment you wish to convey. Consider soft, calming colors and patterns that evoke a sense of comfort and warmth, such as gentle animals, nature-inspired motifs or classic nursery rhymes. For a more timeless piece, geometric shapes and neutral palettes offer versatility and longevity. It's also helpful to think about the overall color scheme of the nursery or the baby's gender, if known, to ensure the quilt complements the existing decor. Ultimately, choosing a theme or print that resonates with you or holds a special meaning will provide a personal touch to your handmade gift, making it even more cherished.

Find the Cutest Baby Quilt Fabric at Fat Quarter Shop

Find inspiration for your next quilting adventure with our beautiful selection of children's and baby quilt fabric. Whether you're sewing a cozy swaddling blanket or a whimsical play mat, you'll find high-quality, baby-safe materials to create a cherished keepsake. Browse our selection today to find the perfect baby fabric and let your creativity flourish!