Triangles on a Roll Color Coded Washi Tape
It's Sew Emma #ISE-798

Easily identify your Triangles on a Roll paper and keep it from unrolling
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Save time in your sewing room with the Triangles on a Roll Color Coded Washi Tape! These circle-shaped washi tape pieces are printed with each Triangles on a Roll size to help you label and identify your triangle paper rolls while keeping them tidy and securely taped closed.
Each set includes 4 sticker per roll size, for 80 stickers total. The tape is color coded by the size of the finished half square triangle unit to help you find your needed size even quicker.


  • 4 - 8.5" x 11" sheets
  • Each sheet has 20 stickers
  • Paper insert shows the color coded legend
Additional Information
Product Type Notions
Notion Manufacturer It's Sew Emma
Notion Type Triangle Paper
Product Group Great Granny Along
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