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Gingham Quilting Fabric

Fat Quarter Shop has all the gingham quilting fabric you need to enhance the design of your quilts. Our top-quality gingham fabric comes in various colors and scales that will make your quilts more creative and appealing than ever. If you're still looking for ideas on what to make with your gingham print fabric, browse our selection of quilt patterns. Purchase your precut or gingham fabric by the yard today at Fat Quarter Shop!

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Gingham Fabric: Timeless Charm and Versatility

Gingham fabric, recognized globally for its distinct checkered pattern, has a history that traces back centuries. Although its exact origins are somewhat debated, many believe it first emerged in the Malay-Indonesian region, with the term "gingham" deriving from the Malayan word "genggang," meaning striped. However, by the 18th Century, the mills in Manchester, England, were manufacturing the material with the characteristic checked pattern we associate with gingham print fabric.

The popularity of gingham check fabric has stood the test of time due in part to its incredible versatility. Initially, the material was synonymous with lightweight, summery dresses, but its appeal quickly expanded. Today, gingham fabrics grace everything from home décor to high-fashion runways, embodying both rustic charm and sophisticated elegance. Its balanced design, which typically features evenly-sized checks in white and another color, makes it adaptable to various styles, whether it's the centerpiece or an accent in a broader design.

At Fat Quarter Shop, we celebrate the timeless look of gingham fabric. Our curated selection of popular prints by well-known brands like Robert Kaufman and Moda Fabrics ensures that crafters, designers and fabric enthusiasts can find the perfect shade and pattern scale for their projects. Looking for a quick and easy project to make with your gingham fabrics? Explore our selection of quilt kits – which includes our gingham-style quilt kit.

Getting Creative with Gingham Print Fabric: Quilting & Beyond

With its iconic checks, gingham print fabric lends itself beautifully to a myriad of sewing projects. Particularly in quilting, gingham fabric's geometric simplicity provides a wonderful contrast to more intricate patterns, making it a favorite among quilters for borders, backing and block elements. 

Popular Uses for Gingham Fabric

The magic of gingham fabric doesn't stop at quilting. Its versatile nature allows it to shine in various other sewing endeavors. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned seamstress, gingham cotton fabric can be your canvas for creation.

  • Quilt Borders and Backing: Add a classic touch to your quilting projects with gingham's symmetrical checks.
  • Patchwork projects: Gingham's clean lines perfectly offset intricate patchwork designs, offering delightful contrast.
  • Table Runners, Placemats & Napkins: Bring a touch of nostalgic charm to your dining experience with gingham fabric table accessories.
  • Apparel: From picnics to urban streets, gingham dresses, shirts and skirts radiate timeless charm.
  • Hair Accessories & Bows: Adorn your hair with gingham print fabric accessories for a vintage-inspired flair that never goes out of style.
  • Aprons & Kitchen Linens: Channel a homey, country kitchen vibe with gingham fabric aprons and linens.
  • Tote Bags & Purses: Showcase your unique style with a gingham quilting fabric tote or purse, perfect for both casual outings and formal events.
  • Pillowcases & Cushion Covers: Infuse your living space with the cozy warmth of gingham-patterned cushions and pillowcases.
  • Curtains & Home Décor Accents: Elevate your home aesthetic with gingham quilting fabric curtains, blending simplicity and charm.

Pro Tip: Before starting your gingham quilt, do a quick inventory to make sure you have all the quilting notions you need to get the job done. Quilters know how frustrating it is to start sewing and realize your last needle is broken or you're low on thread.

Discover the Joy of Gingham Fabric at Fat Quarter Shop Today

Whether you're stitching up a vintage-inspired dress, creating cozy home textiles or adding a touch of classic design to modern pieces, our cotton gingham fabric collection offers unmatched quality and style. Dive into the world of checks and let Fat Quarter Shop be your guide. Want a quick project for gifting or freshening up your home's décor? Start with one of our quilt panels. Shop at the fabric store you trust for all your quilting needs!

Frequently Asked Questions About Gingham Fabric

Below, we've answered a few common questions about gingham fabric. Please let us know if you want to know more about our gingham quilt fabric or any of our other products.

Do You Carry Gingham Fat Quarters?

Absolutely! Along with gingham fabric by the yard, we have a complete selection of precut fabrics, including gingham fat quarter bundles, charm packs, jelly rolls – and plenty of other varieties of gingham quilting fabric.

What Differentiates Gingham Fabric From Other Check Fabric?

Gingham is recognized as an evenly sized and symmetrical check fabric, usually in white and another color. Unlike plaid or tartan, gingham's pattern is simpler, with no gradation in color or variation in stripe size.

Do You Have Free Quilt Patterns I Can Use With Gingham Fabrics?

Yes, we have a selection of free quilt patterns that are a terrific tool for beginners and anyone who wants to do a quick project using their gingham quilt fabric. Once you download the pattern, make sure you have the required material — such as gingham yardage or a fat quarter bundle — plus any sewing tools needed for the task at hand. 

3 Hour Easy Baby Gingham Quilt

Make a baby gingham blanket in only three hours with our FREE pattern! Kimberly will walk you through the steps to finish this baby quilt blanket.